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Great story, Janet. Good to know the Peace Corps is still so relevant after all these years.

Janet - I love your blog and the spectrum of women that you highlight - missed it over the summer...great story and I look forward to reading more.

Thanks for putting me in touch with Meg. I loved including hers in this tapestry of women's stories from different times of their lives, pursuing different goals. Developing a world perspective and learning how to work with local populations to solve local problems are critical skills for the next generation to possess, and Meg is well on her way to doing great things on both fronts.

Meg is an amazing woman with a life time of service to the world in front of her. I know, I am her aunt and I could not be more proud of who Meg is and the difference her life will make in the lives of others.

Janet and Meg, thank you for such a wonderful mirror on Meg's life and aspirations. I can't help but think about how she draws on the strengths of her mother and grandmaother -- in her stubborness, her perseverance, her generosity, her energy, and her undying commitment to make the world she lives in a better one.

You Go Girl Go! and never doubt you will get there!

Shelly -- the Aunt.

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