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What a nice way to keep the art of dancing alive in your community! Also, you picked a nice place for your dance practice venue. Denver had those kinds of dance schools, too. I'm kinda jealous that you've had a lot more time for practice. I wish I can enroll my kids in dance schools here in Denver. Ballrooms are a great hit in our place lately though! Ballroom events are everywhere, so no need to worry about the art dying in our town!

Thank you Janet, for focusing on Anne's life achievements in supporting dance education and brain development in this article. After attending the Seattle Arts in the schools meeting and hearing what's been going on and the state of arts in schools now, I'm even more supportive of programs such as hers. CDC and people like Anne are truly concerned with long term, life enriching educational solutions. They are the real school supporters.

That's a wonderful comment, Liz. So in keeping with what I saw from Anne in just a brief encounter. She is indeed a gem!

Super article, Janet. You capture Anne's presence and passion beautifully. My daughter has been dancing with Anne and her Creative Dance Center and Kaleidoscope Dance Company for 13 years, since she took her first steps. When she started, I had no idea Anne was famous or internationally recognized or a Thrusty go-getter. But I did see children moving together, respecting each other, and looking very self-confident and joyful. We are very lucky to have this gem!

Your comment brough a vivid image of your mother, struggling with so many complex aspects of daily life, but still so readily responding to the draw of music and movement. Thanks for sharing that.

Anne's energy practically leaps off the page! Thanks for sharing her story in such an evocative way, Janet.
Interestingly enough, just today I watched my mother, who has advanced Alzheimers Disease, move her arms in a very elegant, dance-like way to some classical music that was playing. Music and movement are some of the last ways she can communicate with us. I'm sure this is no news to Anne.

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