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First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for their kind words.
Marla, Elizabeth Gregory Home is not a transitional housing program specific to victims of domestic violence. As Janet pointed out, there are many reasons for people to become homeless. What we do in EGH is help the women be independant by the time they graduate from the progam. The women identify their life goals and the case management team works together with the women to achieve them. I am happy to give more information about the same if you would like. Please email me at kmani@elizabethgregoryhome.org

Wow, what an inspiring story. Thank you, Kanti, for your courage in doing what was right for you and also in sharing your life's story with strangers. I am curious to know what outreach, if any, the Elizabeth Gregory Home does to let women in Kanti's former situation know that they have a place to go? By the time Kanti arrived, she had already proven that she was a strong woman. How are you able to reach abused women to help them make the decision to leave?

I have known Kantimati in school and all I remember is an enthusiastic, somewhat geeky and certainly imaginative girl.
Who would have known she would face such challenges and to think me and so many of her classmates from school were in the US at that time and didnt know how hard life was for her.
I am very proud of you Kantimati and very touched by how pure and strong your belief system remained despite the horrors you faced. I wish you the very best in life and hope it is fun filled, beautiful, stable and growing every day for the rest of your life.
Dipti- your classmate in high school

Kanti, Thank you for sharing this most difficult story of your life with us. Being a child of Indian Immigrants from the 1960's- I know how difficult this may have been for you to share this story with the "internet" world- It takes courage and I bow to you for that. I hope that your story may inspire other Immigrant women to overcome their social and cultural pressures; and to give them strength to pull themselves out of negative situations they may face.

I wish to salute Kanthi for her courage.

Rick goes way beyond just serving on our board. He now has his entire company's staff involved wth EGH and from providing us stationary to writing us checks to giving ua a percentage of his toner sales and many more other ways, he has shown us his passion and commitment towards building a better community. We love you Rick!

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