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Very inspirational story. I'd love to know how her recipient is doing too. But if her donation gave him/her an extra year or more with family, then that is a wonderful gift as well. What an incredible family! I learned about Reuven during his campaign (and voted for him) but I had no idea about his incredible wife. Thanks, Janet!

Thank you for sharing Wendy's remarkable story. What a true Mitzvah!

Wendy is a good friend of mine and I'm not at all surprised at her level of generosity. She shares the same giving spirit in her friendships and I am incredibly proud of her. We could all learn a lot from people like her. Let's face it... we're all in this together - whether we think so or not. No one is exempt from hardship, and we should all remember that. Good for you Wendy!

Such an inspirational story. It brightened my day. thanks Janet!

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