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I have read the story 6-7 times. Everytme I hold that tear that is ready to drop out of my eyes. I have myself worked with one amazing autistic boy and I absolutely loved it. I am looking at volunteer opportunites at Boyer. Rick and Joyce are amazingly full of compassion and love.

I have something to add. Proper kudos must be extended to Jonah's amazing caregiver of 8 years, Kathleen Boden. It is because of her yoga practice with Jonah 3 times weekly that he has been successful in delaying (hopefully preventing) his need for hip surgery. She is a second mom to my boy and most always introduces herself as such. The bond is very strong and I couldn't do it without her.

Dana: How wonderful that you found the story and were moved by it. I will make sure Joyce sees your words of support.

I am the parent of a former Boyer student and I have to say, I cried through this entire post. What a strong, wonderful, and inspiring woman Joyce is. My child's issues are much less severe and yet, I have many of the same struggles. To accept who he is in any given moment and not who he "should" be can be a big challenge. Thank you for this interview.

I love hearing from readers encouraging me whom to interview -- thanks so much for taking the time to write!

Please DO interview Ms. Buchanan...sounds fascinating!

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