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Dear Janet,
What a splendid writer you are! I wondered what you would ever do with that garbled one way conversation we had the day your Monther brought you to interview me.
Because it is about ME I found it fascinating to read, and a perfect account of what went on that day in my apartment. Every line makes me chuckle, and it is so flattering. Thank you for doing something that makes at least one old woman look at herself with appreciation instead of depreciation and despair about the vicisitudes of age. You make it all seem like wholesome fun. I think I shall keep it where I can read it when ever I need to laugh. You do indeed have a very special talent for reporting. In addition, you make me sound like I am good at math.
I hope that your Mom will share any of your future writings with me. Your article about school funding problems was so convincing that I took the responsibility of posting it on our bulletin board down in the mail room where I hope it is getting a wide readership.
Thank you for including me in your series of articles about women.
Affectionately, Esther Instebo

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