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Its really a wonder how the new generation kids like Simone are so more talented than our generation (1 gen earlier). Maybe it is because of all the "global networking"..


Why would she buy a $50,000 violin? Snobby.

Great story. It's funny how some people are born with natural talent for music while others are not. I am glad to see such great work ethic is such a young person. Most kids these days don't seem to be able to get off the couch.

Angela -- I'm so glad you found and read the article about Simone and really happy you liked it. Thanks for reading and I hope you come back to read about others.

I'm 11, Simone used to go to the same school as me, one grade higher. I just wanted to say this is an awesome article, good job, thanks, and good luck to Simone :)

Dear Janet,

Thank so much for this two-part article about Simone and her mom. I am really impresssed by Simone's work-rate and total committment at this young age. I totally agree with you that she is unaffected, has an easy-going manner, and friendly. We could see that just by watching the TV documentary "The World's Greatest Musical Prodigies."

I had a chance to exchange a few words with Deborah at the Barbican in England on April 8 (I also met her aunt)before the performance. Needly to say, Simone was a vision on stage, and played "Carmen" with so much passion and professionalism that we were left dumbstruck and incredulous. Please tell Deborah that we are the privileged ones though I agree with her that she is "nurturing someone who brings so much beauty to the world." I have left some message for them on the Youtube video under the name "alphabetacanton." I left message there before under another name, it is either "cabbagemintor" or "auntspode8899." Basically I was saying that this girl has everything: exquisite looks, twiggy figure, great playing style, assured professionalism, and a stella future!!!! And now from you I have learned of her incredible dedication. Thanks again Janet and say his to your daughter for me.

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