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Amazing that the power of the internet has brought you back in touch with wonderful people you once knew. I'll email Joanie, Bob and Abby to let them know you've found them. Thanks so much for leaving a comment -- we wouldn't have known otherwise!

I knew Joanie when she lived in Asheville and back then knew her as an extraordinary person. We've lost touch so reading this story provided me with a tender glimpse into her life with Abby and Bob.
Indeed, a beautiful story

I've had the pleasure of knowing Joanie and Abby for many years, and they are indeed as brave, warm and wonderful as this post describes. I can't think of more deserving women to be honored and profiled.

Dear Janet - I read your blog with tears. You write so beautifully and sensitively. I'm just so touched to see our struggle put into words.
It's really first time we've done anything like this, so my reaction to seeing our lives written down is profound. Thank you for taking the time and interest to show our family how much we mean to each other. We are blessed.

My very best wishes for your blog and your future. I know it will be perfect.

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