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The violin is a musical instrument that passion into disrespect anyone, young or old. Thank you for sharing this nice article with beautiful pictures.

I agree with Jason. Her playing is truly awe-inspiring in this culture. I only wish I had picked up an instrument at a younger age myself. Hats off to Simone.

It's still astounding to me how some can pick up an instrument so young, stick with it developing their passion, while so many others can hardly find anything to hold their attention for more than a few minutes. However, once started it can develop focus, happiness, and can be a way to communicate with others as she described in the video, something that isn't always easy during those years. I hope to hear more from/about Simone soon.

I enjoyed both your great posts on Simone. She is extremely talented and her family is certainly dedicated to her work.

You may want to update your YouTube link as the one you have has been taken down. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy8Ce333lDk&feature=related

We have featured Simone both on From the Top's radio and television programs and she is wonderful. I really enjoy your taking time to expose the real hard work that goes into acquiring Simone's level of musicianship. It takes discipline and focus on both the kid and parent's part. The parents should also get awards for helping their kids manage this intense schedule.

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