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Janet, I just found your blog. So inspiring in many ways! Breast cancer has touched all of our lives, unfortunately, and I have too many girlfriends who have fought this disease. Great to see you participating in the battle in such a meaningful, and personal, way.

Amazing women in these profiles!!

Those are some of the nicest words I would ever hope to read -- thank you so much for taking the time to share them with me. They mean even more knowing that you are studying writing and developing an awareness of what makes writing good, so I'll take that as expert opinion. I look forward to our regular chats as well.

Hi Janet, this is Nina, the barista from Cafe Javasti.
I finally got a chance to take a look at your blog, and I'm
so glad I did! These women are amazing, and you profile
them with such grace and talent. I very much admire your
interviewing style and your ability to produce such cohesive
pieces with so many quick deadlines! I hope one day someone
will write a profile about you - after each of our short five-minute
conversations each week I find myself awed again and again by
your commitment, creativity, and amazing parenting style. I love
chatting with you and look forward to your next piece about the
young violin player! Have a lovely evening, I'm sure I'll see you
later in the week!


I look forward to your posts. Thanks for introducing me to all of these wonderful women!


"How Does She Do It? -- no kidding. A single mother, a restaurant owner and a community volunteer --pretty amazing. Keep us posted on the new restaurant opening. And again I ask, can't you interview someone who just sits around and reads books? These stories are exhausting!

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