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Great story - the struggles Julie and Steph went through to become parents will make them stronger ones!

Janet, this was so beautifully written...thank you... It's so special to me because it's about the most important part of my life, my beautiful family! You are so gifted...

The only thing I didn't explain very well is using the term "father". I don't know if it's just Steph and I or if this is most lesbians using a donor to have a baby, but that's what we refer to the person as, "the donor," rather than "Jake's father." To us, a father has a active or potential role in the child's life and in this case the donor has elected to be totally anonymous, and we prefer this also. In some cases, at least at the CC, some donors leave it optional for the child to contact him and some leave it optional only when the child is 18 years old. This donor does not wish to be contacted and we don't wish to involve him...That isn't to say that if Jake was older and passionate about wanting to find out more about the donor and that part of his biological make-up we wouldn't support that... We would! -But I guess we'll cross that bridge if it comes and hopefully that's not a void Jake will need to fill!

Just a clarification, not your fault! I didn't explain and we have to correct people all the time, (smirk) "the donor."

Thanks again!

Great story. I have one more thing to appreciate - how easy it was for me to become a mother. I'm glad that Julie and Steph perserved and made their dream of parenthood come true too.

What a wonderful post. I really appreciate the chance to read about Julie's journey in making a family. Thanks for sharing it!

In one word..."AWESOME"... on so many different levels. Thanks Julie, Steph, Jake and Janet! :)

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