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JP, I'm so glad you went for it! You've done such a beautiful job honoring these women and telling their inspirational stories. I look forward to much more!

The site is wonderful, so visually appealing. Looking forward to more stories (love that you started with Paris, one of my favorite cities). Congratulations!

This is a perfect thing for you to do -- love the stories and the pictures and I don't mind if you remind me every time you post something--thus far, figuring out how to subscribe eludes me -- perhaps my wonky husband can help.

Yay, Janet! I love this idea and will look forward to more. Nice job learning the technical piece of this...

How exciting, Janet! It's like opening a new book. Thank you for taking the leap and shining the light on women whose stories will inspire us all.

And I love the idea of a 'new Paris' has a certain joie de vivre! Can't wait for more.

Fantastic idea Janet! Who wouldn't love a blog about women, for women?! Looking forward to all that may come this way!

JP, This is great! I only wish you could have done my Mom before she left. This will be my new spot to look for inspiration. And, you know what? You are your Mother's daughter!

PS I'm so nontechie that I opened subscribe and it so freaked me out that I immediately hit "back". Help me out.

I am very excited to watch how the blog develops! Will check it regularly.

Congrats Janet this blog has a great look and what a fun start!
Hi Laurie, that's so cool you found this blog. When I read that you found it I had to join in too.

Count me in on this adventure! Looking forward to meeting many wonderful women and learning from all our successes and challenges. Thanks for following through on a great idea Janet.

I look forward to reading more! Assuming this very nontechie type can find your blog without someone sending it directly to me! I shouldn't admit that, should I?!

Is cyberspace our new Paris? Thanks for continuing to be smart and adventuresome. And for honoring our Mothers. I will read what you write, Janet.

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