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How delightful to read about your mom and dad and to be able to SEE a photo of Kelly!!!
Since Kelly and Dick only recently moved to the Seattle area, there may be many who don't know that they REALLY are the amazing people Janet described.

I know this firsthand, though from a perspective of long ago.

So to you, dear Kelly and Dick, I want you to know how much love and caring you brought to my life. I could not appreciate it at the time, being a wild teenager of the 70's (and of course knowing it all). In the dysfunctional life that was my family, you were an anchor when I needed it most, but recognized it least.

Janet and I will turn another year older in a couple of weeks (yes, I still remember that our birthdays are only days apart). We are 50 somethings! Rock on!

Although some 35-40 years have passed since we have had any contact, I can honestly tell you that I thought of you so often- ALL of you! Thank you, all, for having been a special, woven thread of my life's tapestry.
Much love- Laura

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